Friday, May 25, 2012

Pre-School Graduate

Last night, Reid had his Pre-School promotion ceremony.  I cannot believe he will be entering Kindergarten in the Fall!!  This momma is so not ready for that!
This year, Reid has attended the Children's Learning Center pre-school at our church.  His teacher, Mrs. Hickey is the most amazing person!!! She is so selfless and loves the children so much!  She has taught Reid so much over the past year, and we will never forget her!  Pastor Don, Mrs. Hickey and Miss Shelly have taught Reid so much about God and His love, that is always amazes me what he talks about when he gets home from school!  This boy is a sponge and soaks up all that they have taught him over this year.  At the ceremony last night, the children were presented with their first beginners Bible, and Reid has not stopped carrying it around and we have already started reading stories from it.  We have been so blessed with Mrs. Hickey and we don't know what we will do without seeing her every day! Reid is already looking forward to Sundays when he can see her at church.
This morning, we met Reid's class at the jump house for one last celebration and good-bye.  Reid had so much fun playing with his friends and bidding one last farewell to Mr.s Hickey.  He had such a good time that he is now taking a much needed NAP!!
Thanks again to all of the special people at FUMC and Children's Learning Center for helping mold my sweet boy this year!!

August 22, 2011

May 24, 2012

 Proud boy

 Maren watching bubba and Mrs. Hickey (ickey as she calls her!)
and yes, she did voice that often while they were up front!

 Mrs. Hickey and Pastor Don with Reid

 Such a happy boy

 Me and my sweet boy

 The wonderful Mrs. Hickey and Reid

 My wonderful family

 My sweet babies and me at the jump house

 Mrs. Hickey was a trooper and went on a few slides with the kids

 Danika, Kelsey and Reid

One final good-bye! Reid and Mrs. Hickey

This isn't the best picture, but I forgot to take one more before I gave Mrs. Hickey her present!  I made a burlap cross and painted on it for her to hang in the classroom.
We are going to miss her so much!