Monday, May 21, 2012

Maren and Mommy Sunday

This afternoon Reid and Joey went to go see the Avengers movie, so Maren and I stayed home.  She was napping for the first part, but once she woke up, she got mommy's full attention! We had a blast playing in her room and making a mess!  She also was able to watch a show of her liking instead of what brother wants to watch! She is a huge fan of Elmo (melmo to her) and she loves seeing him on TV!  Once Reid and Joey got home and we ate dinner, my little monkeys sat down and showed their love of ice cream!

Sorry these got fuzzy, I had the camera on the wrong setting!!

 This picture cracks me up, I turned the screen on the phone where we could see ourselves when we took our picture, and she thought it was so funny to see herself!

 Watching Elmo on the sit n spin

Love their Ice Cream cones!