Saturday, May 5, 2012

Birthday, Soccer, Birthday

Today was a busy, crazy day with my sweet kiddos!  We had a birthday party this morning at Gymnastics Sports Center, followed by Soccer at noon, then rounded it off with another birthday at the park with the Tumble Bus!  All of that surrounded by eating lunch in the car on the way to soccer, recruiting LuLu to meet me at Reid's soccer game so I could take Maren home for an early nap, 2 - 3 outfit changes, to both kids in bed and asleep by 8:30!! I am exhausted!!!!  We had the best time today though.  Leila turned 4 and had a princess themed party at gymnastics, and Kyler was turning 6 at the park with the tumble bus and PowerRangers to boost!  I know it was a busy, crazy day, but I wouldn't trade all that time with my babies!

Maren wanted to try everything at gymnastics, she loved the balance beams

My crazy Monkey

Maren and birthday girl Leila

Number 5 is the best!

Maren approves the Tumble Bus!

My Monkey again in the Tumble Bus

It was pretty hot out today, if this is any indication for our Texas summer, oh geez!! Anytime anyone opened the cooler, Maren was there to eat some ice (Sonic ice is the best!)

My sweet babies and Me!!