Monday, April 30, 2012

Police Station Field Trip

Today Reid's Pre-School class took a field trip to the Police Station.  Maren and I tagged along and had so much fun with Reid and his class.  Reid has enjoyed his year at Children's Learning Center, the Pre-school at our church.  He goes 5 days a week from 8:15 - 11:15.  He has learned so much and his teacher Mrs. Hickey is a wonderful and amazing woman.  We have been so blessed with our church school and cannot wait until Maren is old enough to attend!  During the field trip, Maren had to be right up in the mix of things! She loved being near her brother and Reid was sweet to walk with her and hold her hand.  While at the Police Station, the kids saw the jail cells and court room - let's hope that never happens in the far far future! The officer knows Reid's daddy and LuLu, and somewhat picked on him when they were in the court room, Reid had so much fun!

Waiting to go in

I think Maren is showing us what you need to do if you get in trouble with the law! 

Maren makes herself a part of Reid's class (she blends right in!)


Junior Police Officer

Reid in the backseat of the squad car 

a little too happy to be back there!

Me and my gal

Sorry it's fuzzy - Reid and his class in the jail cell

Reid getting a ticket in court

Reid's sweet classmates

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Fun-day

Just another day with my precious family! A trip to Samurai for lunch and some errands afterwards, then another wonderful afternoon playing outside!

Silly kids in their sunglasses

This is what lunch at Samurai will get you - one very tired little girl.

 Loves to pose for mommy

My little Monkey

Maren is visiting with the neighborhood cat, she always gets down on its level when she wants to see it, maybe she knows something we don't.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saturday and Soccer

The weather has been so beautiful around here lately, that we just look for things to do outside! Maren loves being "ide" and never wants to go in!  This Saturday Joey has moved his Jeep from the shop to our garage and we spent the day outside with him working on it, with a soccer game in the middle to break it up.  When Joey got the jeep a few years ago, it was not so pretty, black with a skull on the top, etc...well after years of taking it apart and putting it back together and painting, etc, it now runs again and looks better than ever!! He has gotten so many compliments on it since the renovation.

Thinking hard about those bubbles

Just had to point out the Off Clip On that Reid is wearing!  He has been wanting one since he saw commercials about it last summer....he is always jumping at the chance to wear it!

Sweet babies playing together

"New" Jeep

Reid and his buddy Carter have been playing Soccer this season, and Reid is LOVING it!  He has gotten numerous goals and has a blast (it gets a little hot during our NOON games - little bitterness there) But the kids don't mind a bit!  Today Reid's friend Claire and her sister Cate came out to see the boys play!

Maren and Cate

Reid and Claire

Carter, Claire and Reid

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday Pose

Maren is turning out to be a little Diva!  I was playing with my phone, and as soon as she saw me, she kept saying "Cheese".  I told her to go sit down so I could take her picture and this is what she gave me! So sweet!

The Hunger Games

I know this is a little behind, but I am just now getting to go see the movie!!  About a month ago, I read all 3 of the Hunger Games books, which, if you haven't read them, you should! They are amazing!  I have been wanting to see the movie for a while, and my friend Michelle, her sister, her cousin, and I finally got to go Saturday night for a little Girls Night Out!! A bite to eat at Olive Garden and then the movie!  Such an incredible movie!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Backyard Butterflies

Today was a beautiful morning to work in the yard and play outside!  

The butterflies were in full force in our backyard, so Reid took a container and would catch and release all the amazing butterflies!

The butterflies were really attracted to this tree in our back yard and I could not believe how many there were!!

Again, Maren is in the Monkey see, Monkey do stage and she just follows her big brother around and does whatever he does!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Impromptu Painting

This afternoon, my friend Christina texted and said that her husband, her and a couple friend had signed up for the Texas Flag painting class at How Great Thou Art, and that everyone was pulling out due to sickness and asked if I would fill in!! HECK YEA!! I love the painting classes and had been wanting to paint the Texas Flag!! We had such a great time and even ran into some other friends!

My Texas Flag!

Christina and My Texas Flags!

This class was so much fun! At the end, we got to splatter paint over the picture! That by far was my favorite part! It was fun and added some bright color to the painting!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

PlayDate at the Park

My friend Valarie, who has started staying home as well, Has been asking me to join her church's mom group for a while and today Maren and I decided to join! I have been looking for more things to do here in Burk, traveling to Wichita for all the mom's groups gets hard...
We all met up at the park and let the kids run and play and brought lunch to eat there! Maren had a blast playing and when Reid was done with school, he met us up there as well and met some new friends!

 Maren and Whitney (our friend we know from Musikgarten) It was great to run into familiar faces!

Maren loves to Slide! 

Break Time

Some of the older kids were walking on this like a balance beam, and of course Monkey see, monkey do for this little girl!

A big dirt pile is the favorite spot

April and Today!!

YAY!! I am to TODAY!!!! April is already flying by and I have been at home for 3 months!! I am busier now than I ever was working!! Our friends Claire and Emma had a backyard barnyard for their 5th birthdays and we had a blast riding ponies and feeding the animals! This morning when Maren and I took Reid to school, Maren climbed right up in a chair and was ready to work - but no baby your not ready yet!! When we got home, she started working at her table in the Sunroom and she was so intent on working, she is ready for school!!

Serious Student! (notice how well she holds the pencil!)

Maren's first trip in the car at the grocery store - She loved it!

Reid was a pro at the sack races at the birthday party!

Maren and Cate feeding the baby goats - they were so cute!

I'm cool

Sweet bunnies

Pony rides!