Wednesday, June 20, 2012

TuTu and Sparkle Shoes

I am definitely raising a Girly-Girl!  After nap today, Maren wanted to put on socks and shoes and pulled out her cute sparkle sketchers - then she found her birthday tutu and proceeded to wear that as well!! She was so cute and had a good time playing around in it all afternoon.  Here is to the start of dress-up in this house...

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Rangers Game

A few weeks ago, some friends of mine were talking about taking their boys to a Rangers game, since they all played t-ball together and their team was the Rangers...Well, Reid played on the team last year, but we didn't play this year, but I still wanted to go - So I crashed the party and we invited ourselves!  It was a crazy day - it ended up being the night we flew home from New Jersey, but the kids did great and had a blast!! It was Maren's first game and she did great!  Reid had so much fun sitting and playing with his friends. Next time I just hope it won't be so HOT!! (Texas weather will get you every time!)

 Me and Maren

 Reid's friend let him borrow his foam finger! That thing kept those boys busy!

 Cooling off with lots of water

Michelle, Me and Amber trying to stay cool

Saturday, June 16, 2012


We were planning a family vacation to New Jersey/New York for the July 4 Holiday to celebrate my grandfather's 100th birthday, but we had to say good-bye 3 weeks early.  We loaded the kids up and flew to NJ/NYC for a week.  We were able to say good-bye and visit with my Aunts, Uncles and Cousins whom I haven't seen in a few years.  My Pop-pop was an amazing man and had such a wonderful life.  It meant so much to me that he could be with me for 32 years of my life.

Once all the family had left, we took the kids on a short train ride into New York City for 2 days.  We visited the Museum of Natural History, rode the subways, took a rickshaw ride through Central Park, and of course went to the huge FAO Schwarz toy store!  The kids had a great time and we were glad we were able to still make the trip.

 Once we got to my aunt and uncles, Maren was attached to Reid's side

 What is it with kids and stairs? 
So happy our house does not have any...

 Reid and Daddy on the train into NYC

 Maren's first train ride

 Quick lunch at Bryant Park

 Loved NYC!!!

 Museum of Natural History

 This is what Maren thought of the Museum

Yum Yum me want Gum Gum - Reid loved this guy off the movie 'Night at the Museum'

 Part of the new World Trade Centers

 Maren and her new baby from FAO (at least she can sleep anywhere)

On the way home, our flight got delayed for 3 hours!! Yes, fun with 2 kids at an airport - but the kids actually did really great and were so sweet to each other.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Sibling Love

Maren is SO in love with her big brother!  Reid is pretty fond of her too! Most of the time (emphasized most) I find the two of them playing and sharing nicely and Reid is such a helper and takes such good care of her.  

 MAren has to do exactly what Reid does...

 Reid playing dolls with her - so sweet!

Testing out a double stroller I borrowed from a friend - of course to walk to the snocone stand! Where else?

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I'll never get tired of these faces

Just a quick dump of the iphone for some pictures of my sweeties!

This sweet little girl inherited her momma's love of shoes - any shoes!! She was walking around the house in her brother's crocs 

This little boy's smile just makes my day! We found this cute hat on clearance at Target and it looks just like one his Daddy has - so handsome!