Monday, November 21, 2011

Long Time, Need to UPDATE!!

Sorry that I have taken a little Hiatus from my blogging, my I am determined to get back on the wagon and begin again!!
So much has been happening this summer and fall that had me so busy. I know, no excuses, but I promise it will get better.
A lot of updates this week are about to hit you!
Summer fun at Disney....
Reid turns 5!!!
Maren is 1!!!
I cannot wait to get started!!
Stay tuned.....

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Chuck E Cheese and The Boone's

About a week ago, Joey was out of town and Reid was being pretty good for a reward to Chuck E Cheese....Joey does not think too kindly of that place so I look for opportunities to go without him! My friend Michelle was chaperoning a school dance, so I offered to take Kyler along with us! The boys had so much fun! I ran into some friends of mine there, so Maren and I were not alone!

Maren taking all the fun in!
Super Cheesey boy!
Love on the Chuck-ster
Victoria - Maren's friend, only 3 weeks older!!
Give me that BOW!!!
The girls have had enough!
Good Buds!

After Chuck E Cheese, we took Kyler back to his house, and his dad had just completed his tree house, so we hung around for a while and played. It was such a beautiful night!

Karlie Boone playing in the tree house
How fast can he go??
Karlie hugging in her friend Maren

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Well, my little baby is not so little!! Since she turned 6 months old, she tries so hard to sit up by herself. We are not quite completely on our own, but she will do really good for a short period of time, then gravity takes over. She REALLY loves to stand though!! In her exersaucer, on your lap...anywhere she can strech her legs!! I have a feeling this one will be walking before she's one!
Sunday we were playing in the sunroom and she will definitely sit up to play with a toy that was cousin Savannah's! These flowers light up and play music, well Maren is more interested in chewing on the flower petals than anything else, but what's new?? Maren puts everything in her mouth!
Since I sold our Kitchen table this past weekend in a garage sale, we have been eating at the table in the sunroom and I decided to hook Maren's seat to it so she can be with the family at meal times! Well, she loves it and does such a good job!
Last, we went to the Dr on Monday for her 6mth. I got a picture of her in the waiting room, but was a little preoccupied while we were in there to snap any pics! Reid went with us and when Dr. Yap told him she had to get shots, he was so sad! Well, when the time came, Reid had Maren's hand and was singing to her while she was getting her shots. Such a SWEET big brother! I can tell he is going to be taking good care of her in the future!

Maren - 6 months: weight 14.3lbs (but eating ALL the time!!) length 24 1/2 Everyone keeps telling me she is petite, but I feel like she is growing up too fast!!

Hey Mom, look at me!!

So focused on those flowers~

I am at the big kid table now!

Waiting to see the Dr


Mother's Day weekend Joey's brother Trent and Amanda came to town for a wedding and we were so lucky that we got to keep Cousin Riley Friday night!! Reid and Riley are 2 years apart and have such a great time playing with each other! Riley would follow Reid around the house and they played so well. Saturday before Riley had to leave, Joey had the boys outside watering and I snapped this picture!! So cute! When Trent and Amanda came to pick him up, I got a picture of Maren and Cousin Jake - Born only a week apart and growing so fast!

Reid teaching Riley a thing or two!!

Cousins -
Jake and Maren

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


This past Saturday the Fab 5 were signed up to run our first 5k together, DAM RUN X. 3+ miles...whew!! So when Stephanie approached all of us back a few months ago and asked us all to run, it sounded like a great plan! Something I, someone who had just had a baby, could strive to work for! HA!! Well, let's just say now that I have my first 5k behind me, I NOW have the motivation to train for another!
As the weeks closed in and it got closer, we prepared....well, got matching Bondi Bands, if that is what you call preparing. THEN, the week of the event, we got hit with a hard blow.....Stephanie, the ring leader of the 5k, had a little accident....ended up with stiches in her foot, which prevented her from running with us. Moods a little altered and prepared for a 4-person run! The best part of Stpehanie not being able to run with us, was that she was able to cheer us on the side-lines and photograph our "triumphs". Here are a few pictures of DAM RUN X!! (thanks Steph, now motivated to "try" to train for a 10k trail run during Hotter than Hell!!)

The 4 runners before the race!

The Fab 5

(Steph, Me, Thana, Sarah, and Amber)

Amber, Ashley and Me
T-ball moms train hard!

And we're off!!!

Coming into the final stretch!

About to cross my first finish!!

Ok, so Steph didn't get to get a picture of me running past at the end, so I made it happen later!

T-ball Moms after!!

Me, Amber, Sarah, and Thane...we all went back and ran the final stretch with Sarah for motivation! See the look of determination on her face!?!

A Race well Run Girls!

Muscle Shot

(or lack of...)

Thanks again Steph for giving us a great reason to get off our couches and run!!! Next year we will all be running!!! Love my girls!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

6 months!

Maren Kate is 6 months old!!! ALREADY?!?! My the time flies. My sweet baby girl is growing way too fast! I know I will blink and she will be a teenager! She is such a wonderful blessing to us. She has such a sweet nature and calm (calm? what is that in our house?) She is such a wonderful baby, great sleeper and always happy and cooing. Everyone tells me how petite she is and I just keep thinking that she is getting too big, way too fast! I snapped a few pictures of my sweetheart on her 6mth birthday Sunday May 1...The hat is a find from Canton that I couldn't resist, and her beads are 'chewbeads' from Storkland that I couldn't resist and now think I need in EVERY color since Maren cannot keep them out of her mouth! They are the best thing ever and stylish too!!

The only picture that I got without the beads in her mouth

Nod to the 20's flapper era

Maren Kate Viavattene

6 months

Friday, April 15, 2011


Yesterday was a perfect day to take a few pictures in the Bluebonnets of Texas! We found a little cozy spot here in Burk and got a few good pics....we will go back next week to see if I can get a few more pictures of the kids together!
Texas Beauty
My Little Ham
I will brag on this picture, My daughter does such a good job (even though she doesn't know it) of posing for pictures. This is a classic!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Junior League Easter

Yesterday, we had the Junior League Easter Egg Hunt...The kids had a blast, they got to see EB, the Easter Bunny, hunt for eggs, and had a little photo shoot! Thanks to everyone who helped and contributed!
Happy Easter! She's learning early to pose for mommmy!

Thanks to our friends Michelle and Karlie for passing down to us this precious easter outfit!
My Sweets!
Cute little man will pose for anyone!

A sneak peak at April

Now that I am on a roll with my Blog, I promise I will keep you more updated instead of a month of pictures at a time!
We met up with Uncle Trent, Aunt Amanda, Cousin Riley and Cousin Jake for a quick dinner on our way to see Grandpa and head to Canton! Maren and Jake are only a week apart!! Little Cuties! I love the way that Maren is looking at her brother. Any time she hears his voice, she strains herself to look at him. I hope this keeps up over the years!
Daddy's Little Monkey

Lovin the weather around here and the fact I get to see Maren's cute baby legs!!
Sooooooooooo Tired
Happy Spring Baby!

T-ball! Go Rangers!

It is that time.....Time for Sports!! We asked Reid what sport he would like to play this year and he picked t-ball (good choice!) Our Team is the Rangers and we are so lucky to have gotten on all of our friends' team! Coach Jesse(Thomas) is great with the kids! Hayden Reed, Grayson Thomas, Kyler Boone, Brady, Kohen, just to name of few friends on the team....The boys are having so much fun and so are us parents watching them! It is quite amusing to watch 4 year olds and their attention spans!
Hayden, Reid and Kyler after a game...priceless Kyler, Reid and Hayden
Maren, decked out in her Ranger's gear, ready to cheer on her big brother!
He was so excited when he got to be the "man who gets to catch the ball" Reid's favorite part of the game is any time he gets to touch the ball, so this is perfect for him!

Such a proud Ranger~!