Wednesday, May 11, 2011


This past Saturday the Fab 5 were signed up to run our first 5k together, DAM RUN X. 3+ miles...whew!! So when Stephanie approached all of us back a few months ago and asked us all to run, it sounded like a great plan! Something I, someone who had just had a baby, could strive to work for! HA!! Well, let's just say now that I have my first 5k behind me, I NOW have the motivation to train for another!
As the weeks closed in and it got closer, we prepared....well, got matching Bondi Bands, if that is what you call preparing. THEN, the week of the event, we got hit with a hard blow.....Stephanie, the ring leader of the 5k, had a little accident....ended up with stiches in her foot, which prevented her from running with us. Moods a little altered and prepared for a 4-person run! The best part of Stpehanie not being able to run with us, was that she was able to cheer us on the side-lines and photograph our "triumphs". Here are a few pictures of DAM RUN X!! (thanks Steph, now motivated to "try" to train for a 10k trail run during Hotter than Hell!!)

The 4 runners before the race!

The Fab 5

(Steph, Me, Thana, Sarah, and Amber)

Amber, Ashley and Me
T-ball moms train hard!

And we're off!!!

Coming into the final stretch!

About to cross my first finish!!

Ok, so Steph didn't get to get a picture of me running past at the end, so I made it happen later!

T-ball Moms after!!

Me, Amber, Sarah, and Thane...we all went back and ran the final stretch with Sarah for motivation! See the look of determination on her face!?!

A Race well Run Girls!

Muscle Shot

(or lack of...)

Thanks again Steph for giving us a great reason to get off our couches and run!!! Next year we will all be running!!! Love my girls!!