Thursday, May 19, 2011


Well, my little baby is not so little!! Since she turned 6 months old, she tries so hard to sit up by herself. We are not quite completely on our own, but she will do really good for a short period of time, then gravity takes over. She REALLY loves to stand though!! In her exersaucer, on your lap...anywhere she can strech her legs!! I have a feeling this one will be walking before she's one!
Sunday we were playing in the sunroom and she will definitely sit up to play with a toy that was cousin Savannah's! These flowers light up and play music, well Maren is more interested in chewing on the flower petals than anything else, but what's new?? Maren puts everything in her mouth!
Since I sold our Kitchen table this past weekend in a garage sale, we have been eating at the table in the sunroom and I decided to hook Maren's seat to it so she can be with the family at meal times! Well, she loves it and does such a good job!
Last, we went to the Dr on Monday for her 6mth. I got a picture of her in the waiting room, but was a little preoccupied while we were in there to snap any pics! Reid went with us and when Dr. Yap told him she had to get shots, he was so sad! Well, when the time came, Reid had Maren's hand and was singing to her while she was getting her shots. Such a SWEET big brother! I can tell he is going to be taking good care of her in the future!

Maren - 6 months: weight 14.3lbs (but eating ALL the time!!) length 24 1/2 Everyone keeps telling me she is petite, but I feel like she is growing up too fast!!

Hey Mom, look at me!!

So focused on those flowers~

I am at the big kid table now!

Waiting to see the Dr