Friday, April 15, 2011


Yesterday was a perfect day to take a few pictures in the Bluebonnets of Texas! We found a little cozy spot here in Burk and got a few good pics....we will go back next week to see if I can get a few more pictures of the kids together!
Texas Beauty
My Little Ham
I will brag on this picture, My daughter does such a good job (even though she doesn't know it) of posing for pictures. This is a classic!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Junior League Easter

Yesterday, we had the Junior League Easter Egg Hunt...The kids had a blast, they got to see EB, the Easter Bunny, hunt for eggs, and had a little photo shoot! Thanks to everyone who helped and contributed!
Happy Easter! She's learning early to pose for mommmy!

Thanks to our friends Michelle and Karlie for passing down to us this precious easter outfit!
My Sweets!
Cute little man will pose for anyone!

A sneak peak at April

Now that I am on a roll with my Blog, I promise I will keep you more updated instead of a month of pictures at a time!
We met up with Uncle Trent, Aunt Amanda, Cousin Riley and Cousin Jake for a quick dinner on our way to see Grandpa and head to Canton! Maren and Jake are only a week apart!! Little Cuties! I love the way that Maren is looking at her brother. Any time she hears his voice, she strains herself to look at him. I hope this keeps up over the years!
Daddy's Little Monkey

Lovin the weather around here and the fact I get to see Maren's cute baby legs!!
Sooooooooooo Tired
Happy Spring Baby!

T-ball! Go Rangers!

It is that time.....Time for Sports!! We asked Reid what sport he would like to play this year and he picked t-ball (good choice!) Our Team is the Rangers and we are so lucky to have gotten on all of our friends' team! Coach Jesse(Thomas) is great with the kids! Hayden Reed, Grayson Thomas, Kyler Boone, Brady, Kohen, just to name of few friends on the team....The boys are having so much fun and so are us parents watching them! It is quite amusing to watch 4 year olds and their attention spans!
Hayden, Reid and Kyler after a game...priceless Kyler, Reid and Hayden
Maren, decked out in her Ranger's gear, ready to cheer on her big brother!
He was so excited when he got to be the "man who gets to catch the ball" Reid's favorite part of the game is any time he gets to touch the ball, so this is perfect for him!

Such a proud Ranger~!

March 2011

March was a busy month for us! Maren is now 4 months old and Reid keeps getting closer to 5!! Joey and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary, Joey turned 34, Spring Break and T-Ball began, just to name a few....
I just love how happy she is! She has this cute dimple on her cheek and i get so tickled when I make her smile and get to see it! We got a new swing for the swing set, and with all this wonderful weather, we have gotten a lot of use out of it! Maren loves it!
Me and My Leprechauns!
Happy St. Patty's
Reid and I on a date to lunch and a movie over Spring Break!
Yummy Cereal!
Mom, I am not sure about all this...
Green Beans...YUM!
Maren always has to be up and in the middle of everything, so when I do the dishes, she has to sit with me in the bumbo.
LOVE this little girl!!
Had to include a picture of my WONDERFUL anniversary gift....My perfect husband got me a second eternity band for my set and I am amazed that he pulled it off without me knowing about it! (before our anniversary, I just had the bottom band and engagement ring! )

February 2011

I know, I know blogger world, I am terrible. Now that things have calmed down I will update more, I PROMISE!! And if I don't, please tell me to get off my bottom and keep you posted on the Viavattene's! Ok, so the new year and new baby has turned our lives busy!! We have been living life to the fullest and enjoying our sweet sweet babies. Reid is getting so big and loves his baby sister Maren, who is now 3 months old! Here are just a few of MANY pictures of our growing family.
Reid is such a wonderful big brother, and when he can, he sings to his little sister. I just happened to be in the back seat of the car with them and caught this sweet adoring look on camera. She loves her big brother!

Our beloved "Aunt" Nancy playing with Maren. Nancy is a neighbor of Cha Cha and Grandpa's who is, should I say 'baby crazy" and anytime I bring the kids down to see Cha Cha, she makes us bring the kids over to see her! Reid is here, but too busy for a picture playing with Nancy's son, TJ's cool fort/swing set in the back yard!
Happy Valentines Day from my sweet children

Maren just looked so cute today, so I had to snap a picture. I am sure there will be many, many more days where this will happen!