Monday, April 11, 2011

T-ball! Go Rangers!

It is that time.....Time for Sports!! We asked Reid what sport he would like to play this year and he picked t-ball (good choice!) Our Team is the Rangers and we are so lucky to have gotten on all of our friends' team! Coach Jesse(Thomas) is great with the kids! Hayden Reed, Grayson Thomas, Kyler Boone, Brady, Kohen, just to name of few friends on the team....The boys are having so much fun and so are us parents watching them! It is quite amusing to watch 4 year olds and their attention spans!
Hayden, Reid and Kyler after a game...priceless Kyler, Reid and Hayden
Maren, decked out in her Ranger's gear, ready to cheer on her big brother!
He was so excited when he got to be the "man who gets to catch the ball" Reid's favorite part of the game is any time he gets to touch the ball, so this is perfect for him!

Such a proud Ranger~!