Thursday, September 13, 2012

Busy Weekend

This past Friday, Cha Cha came up to celebrate Grandparents day with Reid at school, so we hopped in the car and drove back home with her knowing Joey would follow behind us on Saturday to celebrate some dear friends departure to Virginia.
Cha Cha's house is always a blast, and Friday's is their weekly Happy Hour with neighbors, so the kids and I went down to visit.  It was still HOT out at the time and so the kids went swimming and did not want to leave come bedtime!
Saturday, the wind was coming in and it was such a beautiful day, Cha Cha and I took the kids to the school playground near her house.

 We drove home late Saturday night after our friends good-bye to do chores around the house on Sunday.  Maren had so much fun watching Daddy wash off his truck - it's amazing what can entertain a little girl.

 Once Maren went down for a nap, Reid and I went grocery shopping, and I guess he was pretty wore out, because as soon as we got in the car to head home, this is what I turned around to find!  I have so many pictures of this little man over the years in this exact position!! He was so worn out!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Shopping Buddy

Usually it is Reid who goes to the grocery store with me and has to push a little cart - but this time Maren proved she could do a fabulous job!! She pushed it like a pro and didn't run and even knew where to return it to when we were finished!! She is growing up too fast!

She is so excited to be a big girl!!

 I just love this picture how my camera focused on her and the background was blurry...


This past weekend, 2 of our sweet friends got married in Sebastopol, California!  We were so excited to go out there and celebrate with everyone! The venue was near Santa Rosa and about an hour from San Francisco, so we flew into the Golden Gate City and had such a wonderful time! The weather was AMAZING!!! We left Texas with 100 degree heat and landed in a high of maybe 70s with 50s in the evening!! WOW
We spent time with Joey's brother Trent and my sister-in-law Amanda, it was so nice to get away with them and explore somewhere we had never been!
The wedding was at a Vineyard and such a beautiful place! The Blue moon rose over the horizon after the ceremony and shone on the reception!  We had an incredible trip, but always glad to come home to our sweet babies!

Once we arrived, we headed to fisherman's warf and then a little sight seeing on Lombard St - how crazy!! It was very packed with tourists, just like us, most got out of their cars to walk down the curvy street, but we stayed in and it was like riding a roller coaster!! This is the view looking down...

Here is the view from the bottom!

Golden Gate Bridge! It was crazy - there was so much fog we could not even see the top of it!

Of course my beloved Pumpkin Spice Latte has made it's appearance andI had to indulge!!

The view from the Winery where Sammi and James got married - Lots and Lots of Grapes!!

Loved the cute chair decorations

Such a great idea for place cards - corks with their names printed!! 

After the Wedding, we went back into San Francisco for some more sight see-ing and this time we got the see the Golden Gate in all it's glory

San Francisco Cable Cars 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First Day of Kindergarten!!!!

Oh my goodness!?!?!  Where has the time flown (besides the fact I escaped blog world for most of the summer!! we were so busy - no excuses)
My baby boy has started school!!! Kindergarten to be exact and boy is he excited!! All summer long people have been asking him if he is excited and ready to start and he has been telling them "Yes, but my mommy isn't!"  And isn't that the truth!! I am so sad and proud at the same time of the little man he is becoming!!! I know how much I will miss him while he is at school, but excited to see the growth of his learning!!  The first day for him was amazing!! He loves his teacher and is excited to meet new friends!
Of course I had to add my touch of Pinterest into the first day and little sister had to say good-bye as well!
 Yes, Hello Pinterest!! He was so excited!

 Had to show off his Power Rangers Backpack!

 My Fishes

 Dropping him off with his class - Mommy had a hard time with this...

Way to go Reid!! Such a Big Boy!