Thursday, April 5, 2012

Birthday 5 and 1

Ok, since I have TOTALLY SLACKED in the blog o sphere, I will catch up and then TRY (key word there) and stay current!

News - As of January 13, 2012 I am a Stay at Home Mommy!! I am cherishing my time with Reid who only has a few more months until Kindergarten!! and I am LOVING being here for all of Maren's milestones and watching her grow!
I am also going back to school (a 3rd time - what is wrong with me?!?) to get my Masters in Special Education and become a Diagnostician. Whew - what hard work!
Oh and I have become yes, I will admit it, a Runner!! I have now run 2 official 1/2 marathons and 3 unofficial and am keeping up the training....more on that in future posts, I promise!

Ok, so here will come a few posts in a row to catch you up on life in the Viavattene household!

October 2011

Pirate themed 5th birthday! What a great idea to have Reid's birthday at the indoor swimming aquatic center in town!! It ended up raining on his party day and I thought great, we have a closed in venue that will be prefect! WRONG! Since it was lightning out and showed no signs of stopping, we couldn't swim, so we have cupcakes and ice cream and then opened presents and went but Reid still had a fabulous time!!

Reid turns 5!!!

I am getting pretty crafty and made his cupcake toppers and made all the goodie bags!

November 2011

Maren Kate turns 1!!! We had a small party here at the house for Maren's first birthday! We had a Birthday Brunch and served donuts, etc...Everyone had a great time!

My little Baby Girl is ONE!!

Again with the crafting and that dang Pinterest!! I saw a picture of a cute cake and said "Hey, I can do this!!" Hahah several hours later, I am happy with my finished product but now know why I am not a baker!

Happy Birthday my sweet baby girl, I am thankful for this precious year and the many more to come!