Thursday, April 19, 2012

April and Today!!

YAY!! I am to TODAY!!!! April is already flying by and I have been at home for 3 months!! I am busier now than I ever was working!! Our friends Claire and Emma had a backyard barnyard for their 5th birthdays and we had a blast riding ponies and feeding the animals! This morning when Maren and I took Reid to school, Maren climbed right up in a chair and was ready to work - but no baby your not ready yet!! When we got home, she started working at her table in the Sunroom and she was so intent on working, she is ready for school!!

Serious Student! (notice how well she holds the pencil!)

Maren's first trip in the car at the grocery store - She loved it!

Reid was a pro at the sack races at the birthday party!

Maren and Cate feeding the baby goats - they were so cute!

I'm cool

Sweet bunnies

Pony rides!