Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saturday and Soccer

The weather has been so beautiful around here lately, that we just look for things to do outside! Maren loves being "ide" and never wants to go in!  This Saturday Joey has moved his Jeep from the shop to our garage and we spent the day outside with him working on it, with a soccer game in the middle to break it up.  When Joey got the jeep a few years ago, it was not so pretty, black with a skull on the top, etc...well after years of taking it apart and putting it back together and painting, etc, it now runs again and looks better than ever!! He has gotten so many compliments on it since the renovation.

Thinking hard about those bubbles

Just had to point out the Off Clip On that Reid is wearing!  He has been wanting one since he saw commercials about it last summer....he is always jumping at the chance to wear it!

Sweet babies playing together

"New" Jeep

Reid and his buddy Carter have been playing Soccer this season, and Reid is LOVING it!  He has gotten numerous goals and has a blast (it gets a little hot during our NOON games - little bitterness there) But the kids don't mind a bit!  Today Reid's friend Claire and her sister Cate came out to see the boys play!

Maren and Cate

Reid and Claire

Carter, Claire and Reid