Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Afternoon fun

There are so many days when we are so busy playing, I want to take pictures to document my growing kids' life, but I forget or they are blurry (kind of like a few of todays, sorry)  Well the weather outside was perfect! 70 degrees and a nice break from our almost 100 May heat!!  Reid has been bugging me constantly to play his aqua sand - I love the concept of this toy, but man is it MESSY!! So I had been telling him we could play it outside, well it has been so darn hot, that today was finally a great day!  We set it up outside and he had a blast playing with it and it entertained him for quite a while.
Maren was helping put clothes away and anytime she sees a puffy dress or skirt she pats it and says "petty" (pretty) so I thought I would get out some of her tutus and see what she thought about dressing up! I apologize for the blurry pictures, but she was dancing around and I could not get her to stand still, she was having so much fun!  Jus documentation that she is growing up way too fast!!

Notice all those bows in the background!! hahah I don't think we have enough!