Tuesday, May 1, 2012

18 months

Maren Kate

Maren Kate is 18 months old! I cannot believe how time flies!  Is was just yesterday I was going to the hospital to deliver!  She has brought so much joy to our family and is one sweet little girl.  Most of the time she is watching everyone and everything taking it all in.  She LOVES her big brother to no end, bubba is the first words out of her mouth in the morning and the last before she goes to sleep.  Reid loves his sister just as much and is her "hero".  We are still waiting for more hair, but what she does have is precious.  She got daddy's hair and has the sweetest curls in the back.  She lets me pull it up in a small ponytail and she never lets me forget her bow (which is a very clear word for her!)  She loves to pose for the camera (or phone) and says "cheese" when she sees me with them.  She has a few bumps, bruises and scrapes on her legs because she is curious, a daredevil, and follows whatever big brother does!  She did so well for Dr. Yap today, when he needed to check her throat and ears, she was a great patient, I think she knew she didn't need shots this time!  Dr. Yap was so excited when he told me she is almost 2 mommy!! I said "NO SHE ISN'T!!!!" I am so not ready for her to grow up yet!  She has gained 2 lbs since her last 15 mth appt.  and growing strong!
33 inches tall

Here is my healthy happy baby!!