Saturday, May 19, 2012

Chili Saturday and Painful Birthday

Today was a very eventful day!  We spent the morning and into the early afternoon at our friend's Anne and Shad's house for their 4th Annual McGaha Chili cook-off!  We had a fabulous time and love coming each year!  This kids I have to say had the best time!! As soon as we got there, Reid was off playing with all the kids and a few of the girls were vying for Maren's attention!! Maren wanted nothing to do with them and only mommy until Laurie's daughter Belle stepped into the picture! She is 7 and must be the baby whisperer, because Maren was attached!  It could have been the Cheetos that she was feeding Maren, but it worked!  We had such a wonderful time visiting with friends and hated to leave!

 Reid coloring with all the girls

 Maren and her new best friend Belle

Cheetos get you every time!!

Later this evening, Joey had to work security for Shrinefest, so I was off with the kids to the Chris and Shanda's house for Catherine Paige's 2nd Birthday!! Last year we had her first birthday in the backyard with a cook out and playing, so why not repeat it since it was such a success?!?!  Well, this year was perfect weather and the kids were having a great time, playing soccer, swinging, jumping, you name it....until Maren walked behind the kids swinging and got knocked down and had a mouthful of blood!! I was a mess!! thankfully she had only bit her tongue and lip!  After a quick cleanup, the swings were now off limit and all was well again....UNTIL - Reid got stung by his first Wasp!!! It got him right behind his ear and he was in shock! Oh goodness, I try not to raise a whiney boy, but I know how much wasp stings hurt and I felt so bad for him!  He spent almost an hour in the bathroom holding ice to his ear, but finally emerged as long as all the wasps were gone!! We took care of those bad boys!!  Well, the rest of the evening went perfectly and the kids all had a fabulous time, as well as the adults!

 Cleaned up and napped from Cheetos and ready to play!

 Shanda and I

 Maren and Cate playing at the water table

 Love this Boy!!

 Maren and Victoria (these girls are only 3 weeks apart and its so fun to watch them play together!)

 Ok, so I may be a bad mom, I did take a picture of my Whiney son after the Wasp sting! 
Had to record it!

 These girls were very into their chocolate ice cream

 My little Cheese!!

Claudia, Shanda, Me, Christina, and DeAndra

After a painful night for my little babies, it was so sweet to see this on the way home! They sure do love each other and I will cherish them forever