Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

What a wonderful and relaxing weekend we had!! This year was the first year in probably 9 years that we have not been at Possum Kingdom Lake for the Memorial Holiday Weekend, but it was wonderful to stay at home and spend time with friends.  We hit 2 pools over the weekend with friends and the kids have "jumped" into summer!  Reid has been and always will be our little fish and jumps right on in, even though the water is a little cold!  I wasn't sure how Maren would do this summer, last summer she was just 7-8 months old and loved splashing in the water from her float, but was not sure how she would react this year....Well, she is just like her brother, a little fish!  She love being in the water and when we borrowed our friend's Puddle Jumper, she was so happy to float in the water and did such a great job (needless to say, we have already been out today and bought one of our own!)

Monday's holiday was spent relaxing around the house, I cleaned and Joey spent most of the day working on the jeep.  The kids kept going outside and checking on him, and they love to hang out with Daddy!

Our Summer has officially began - I hope all of you have a wonderful summer!!!

 Fish 1

 Fish 2

Such a happy boy!

 Brave girl sliding into the pool

 Maren is after my own heart! I am usually the one always taking all the fruit, but this little girl kept going back and helping herself to the grapes and blueberries!

 Happy Memorial Day!

 Working on the jeep with Daddy

Happy Memorial Day 2012
Thank you to all who have served for our country!

My Grandfather is the 2nd from the right with his brothers and dad, my great-grandfather