Friday, May 4, 2012

An Evening with the Boone's

We have been blessed with such wonderful friends, the Boone's,  whose kids are close in age to Reid and Maren, and have a love for the lake like us!  We were introduced about 6 years ago, and our friendship has grown very strong over the years!  They are the family you can call on to watch your kids in a pinch and are always happy to hang out! Tonight, they invited me and the kids over since Joey is out of town, and we turned the kids loose on pools and slip n slides!  It was such a wonderful evening and we had such a good time!  Justin grilled out for Michelle and I, while the kids played until they couldn't play any more!  They are such a great family and I enjoyed our evening of fun!

Reid and Kyler - goofy boys

Maren HAD to try out the slip n slide like the others, only she got close to the end, sat down and scooted herself into the pool! She was so proud of herself!

(sorry for the next fuzzy pics, but my iphone is not meant for as many pictures as I take!!)

Michelle's sister Marcia came over with her dog Maverick, and Maren loves animals so much, she had to climb right up and see that puppy!