Thursday, May 10, 2012

Feeding the Ducks

Every time we drive by our little park in town, Reid asks when he can feed the ducks.  I promised him that  after I picked him up from school today we could go!  We saw 2 Duck families and all their little babies and they sure did like the bread we were feeding them! The other ducks could care less, but we still fed them anyway! We figured they would get it after we left!  Reid loves the ducks and he has learned that he cannot run up to them or he will scare them away!  Maren, on the other hand does not know what to think about all the feeding of the ducks.  She kept her distance and would only stay on the sidewalk, she wouldn't dare venture onto the grass near the ducks! She did try holding some bread out for the ducks thinking they would come to her, so she was trying! We had a nice time walking around the little pond.

Reid was trying to talk to the ducks to get them to eat!

Maren is trying her best to feed the ducks from the sidewalk

There were a few sprinklers on at the park and these are Reid's, Maren's, and my footsteps after walking through a puddle.  I think they are so sweet