Wednesday, October 3, 2012

6th Birthday

 I cannot believe that my little baby boy is 6!! I still think of him as my little baby and he always has to inform me that he is NOT a baby - I tell him I know this, but to me he will always be my baby boy!
This year finding our party venue was pretty easy, since last year we had booked the swimming pool but got a party cancelled due to thunder and lightning.  Well, we had the deposit and party already paid for and they let us keep it until this year - but here came our problem...IT WAS RAINING AGAIN!!! We could not believe it! But, the awesome news was that is was just rain and now thunder and lightning that the kids could actually swim this year!  Reid had his heart set on Power Rangers, so that is what he got!  He had a blast with all of his friends and family who came!!

(Please slow down growing up - mommy is not ready for this)

 Kyler, Reid and Owen showing off their rings

Joseph, Reid, Kyler and Owen being little fish

Maren being a big girl swimming on her own

 Happy Birthday Reid!!

Hayden and Kelby

School Celebration

Such a cute 6 year old in Kindergarten!!

Even though he is 6, he still needs to conserve his energy!