Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Sweet Babies

I know I always refer to my kids as my babies, but to me, they will always be my babies.  I love how much they are growing up and becoming their own personalities and I love catching them in their own element.  Of course Maren has to do everything that her big brother does and she loves him so much! Reid does get offended that she will not give him hugs when he wants, but I tell him that by her mimicking what he does, that is her way of showing him that she loves him.

Recently, Reid's school had a book fair and oh goodness, did I get dragged into buying books for this big boy! Anything for my babies, right?

 Here of course Maren has to be just like big brother and read her books as well.

He loves her so much!

These are just some random faces of my babies...I cherish each and everyone of their smiles!!

Maren needs an apron, so needless to say, she chose the tutu - I think it's the right fit.

My handsome man looks so grown up!