Monday, June 7, 2010

Summer and NEWS!!

ok, so I started my blog before school was out for the summer, and now its time to get busy updating!!
Our lives get so busy during the summer, but we always try to spend our weekends at the lake and Memorial Weekend is the best way to start! We spent the beautiful weekend with our friends the Beard's!! My wonderful friend Christin, her husband Rob, and their sons, Carter and Preston! Reid and Carter are only 3 months apart and had the best time! Pictures down below!!

Then during the first week of vacation, me and Reid hit the waterpark 2 times and are planning more this week!! I am so glad Reid is a water baby because I don't know what we would do without the waterpark and lake!

Finally, on to our new addition....Back in mid-May, I went down to our friend Camie's in Denton to get a peek at our little one...and we thougt it was a Boy....Well, went in for my 18 week sonogram today and it is 99% a GIRL!! wow...still quite shocked!! I think our family is complete, with one Wonderful Boy - Reid and now his sweet baby Sister!! so, shocked we are, but excited to plan for our new addition coming in November!